Skidoo 850 Factory Turbo Clutching
  • Skidoo 850 Factory Turbo Clutching

    Cycles and Sleds Custom weights designed and built in house. Hunderdeds of hours into devolpement! Comes with weights and primary spring, secondary sping, and also a Helix.



    ECU Reflash $369.99

    • Stage 1: 91 Octane - +1.5psi of boost (10HP) over stock boost output (adds 1.5psi regardless of elevation)
    • Stage 2: 93 Octane +2.75psi of boost (20HP)
    • Stage 3: 95 Octane +3.5psi of boost (30HP)
    • Stage 4: 98 Octane +4.5 psi of boost (40HP)


    Venom Tide Clutch- $699.95

       Floating Secondary

       Self Aligning

       Lower Belt Temperature

       Better Range of Clutching