Polaris Patriot 850 Silber Turbo

Polaris Patriot 850 Silber Turbo

There are two options for 2019, our standard tried and true external wastegate kit as well as an intercooled kit. Most riders running 3-7psi will find the simplicity and cleanliness of the standard kit to suit them. Those looking for the coolest charge temps and highest boost, the water to air setup is going to be your ticket!


Why Order From Us?

We are a Silber Turbos Certified Dealer. 

   From the Flash to the install, everything is done in-house. That is combined with countless hours of testing and fine tuning with these kits that gives you access to a wealth of knowledge. We will happily set up your clutching and/or track to match whatever conditions or riding style. We have the hardest running sleds on the mountain. Let us bring your snowmobile up to the Cycles & Sled's standard. You won't regret it!

We stand behind all of our work and products.